Currently in Philadelphia — November 15, 2023: Calmer

Plus, survey says...

The weather, currently.

Calmer, with clouds and mild temps

We had a surprisingly windy day Tuesday, with gusts up to 35 miles per hour. Wednesday’s forecast is looking calmer and also showing gathering clouds, with about 60% cloud cover in the evening. But no precipitation yet (I might as well warn you that there’s rain on the way this weekend, but keep that in the back of your mind for now). It’ll be not-too-cold, with a high of 54˚F, and relative humidity will be in the comfortable low-50s range. We have some relatively warm days lined up for the rest of the week — another reason to look forward to the end of hump day.

— Abe Musselman

What you need to know, currently.

The results are in: From your responses to this week’s survey, we’ve collected baseline data we’ll use to shape our new weather service and make sure it’s something people love to use.

First off, Currently readers are true weather nerds! A whopping 86% of you check the weather at least once a day.

That makes sense because, next to checking social media, checking email, and reading the news — checking the weather is one of the primary activities people use the internet for.

It’s amazing to me how far humanity has come in terms of weather forecasting accuracy — especially in just the last 20 years, since the invention of the smartphone.

The main problem I see — and Currently readers agree with me — isn’t a lack of forecast accuracy, it’s a lack of forecast understandability and relevance to our daily lives.

More than half of you agree that putting the weather forecast in context of the current climate emergency — and making the forecast more relevant to you personally — are the most needed features of any new weather service.

And that’s where Currently’s new weather service comes in.

Most weather apps and weather websites just throw a bunch of numbers and complicated maps at you and call it a day.

At Currently, our goal is to translate the forecast into a plain language description of how you will personally experience the day’s weather. And since our mission is to bring both joy and safety to the climate emergency, it of course makes sense that we’ll be sending you prompts to get outside on nice days (and particularly, nice days as defined by you).

The launch version of the weather service dropping later this week is just the beginning. We want to continually improve this service in direct response to what people actually need and how people are using it.

Invites will be going out to people tomorrow!

What you can do, currently.

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