Currently in Philadelphia — November 16, 2023: Warming up

Plus, here's how to register for Currently's new weather service.

The weather, currently.

Warming up for the end of the week

Another day of putting on extra layers only to shed them as the day warms up. I feel like an insect molting. We’ll see a significant bump in temperatures today, with a chilly morning warming up to a cozy high of 63˚F. Cloud cover will be low, around 15%, and winds will remain calm. Humidity will be moderate, in the mid-40s, but watch out for dew in the morning. That’s something I never think about until I walk through the grass in my breathe-able sneakers and my feet get soaked. 

— Abe Musselman

What you need to know, currently.

I’ll just get right to it: Currently’s new weather service is now live.

The first round of invites have been sent to those of you who opted in early via this week’s survey. I’ll be sending out more invitations on Thursday with a special discount to a few thousand of our VIP Currently subscribers — those who’ve supported us and been our most avid fans. If you’d like to put your name on the waiting list, be sure to fill out our baseline survey if you haven’t already which will hold your spot in line.

Space is limited in the weather service because I want to make sure we can provide the highest quality service we possibly can while we work to refine the system with your input.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be continually adding more features and opening up more slots as we develop the service.

Our goal — as always — is to co-create the most personalized, most informative weather service that exists. And, above all, to make this service accessible, equitable, and resilient enough to bring safety and joy to the climate emergency.

Everyone deserves to thrive. Everyone is worthy of a better world. And this is our part to make those truths a reality. Thank you for helping make this moment possible.

What you can do, currently.

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